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In order to serve our clients effectively, Showbiz Lighting  Production ltd has invested in many types of lighting equipment.  We provide a full range of lighting for event use. Whether you are having a fashion show, private party, concert, conference or roadshow, we have all the kit you will need. We are thus able to provide moving lights, generic lights, par can lighting, as well as control equipment, rigging and cabling.

Putting on an event can be a fun and exciting process. All Showbiz Lighting Production ltd  members  are experienced, hard-working and have a youthful and enthusiastic approach to your project. This means that you have a great team to support you throughout the event. The importance of lighting is often underestimated. We  advise you on the best way to achieve the effect you want to create at your event. We supply lighting solutions for:
We will provide lighting for
1) -  Stages – from high music concerts to low key acoustic sets
2) - outdoor event lighting hire – including building illumination and projections
3) - Decorative lighting – creating atmosphere and highlighting features
4) - Dancefloor Lighting – Lasers, strobes, and latest club lighting technology
5)  -Hiring out of tents – Hexagon tents and normal tents.

By using lighting creatively we can alter the look and feel of any venue, creating magnificent results that will not fail to impress your guests.
The correct lighting will enhance the ambience of your event and create an atmosphere to suit your theme.