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Showbiz Lighting Production will help you decide on the type of décor you use for an event. This  will heavily depend upon the occasion.  From choosing colors to arranging the decorations, we shall consider what the event is being held for in order to achieve an impressive, appropriate look.  Showbiz  Lighting  Production always believes that decorating events does not have to be expensive, and a variety of looks can be achieved without spending too much money. We give you value for your money always.

Showbiz Lighting Production ltd will help decorate your formal parties in a number of styles, from elegant to avant-garde. We consider the theme and occasion of the event. For example, if you are holding a fund-raising gala, we will use décor that is grand and sophisticated, such us richly textured linens and classy colors such as black, gold and cream etc. We have a large range of colours to cover all types of events and occasions.
Depending on your occasion, we use types of décor that can be altered to suite the ambiance you're going for. We sometimes use LED candles which make your function look elegant. For other occasions we can place regular candles on mirrored plates to enhance the themes of certain events. Sometimes we may choose to use champagne, martini or wine glasses filled with brightly colored candies that coordinate the event's theme which can also double up as snacks and favors for event guests. We always use our creativity to create memorable occasions for our clients.
Showbiz Lighting Production ltd  also adopts lights to serve as décor in addition to being functional. Lighting options include strung tent lights, disco style lights for dance events and colored spotlights that can be dimmed to your liking.